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audio file icon Weird Attractors - Arrival (mungbean departure mix) (6:41 / 7.6MB)
Remix of Weird Attractors tune, included on their CD 'Adrenaline Soup' released July 2005.
audio file icon Take Two (7:31 / 10.3MB)
for tree and kenn's wedding. august 2004. Vocals by Rachel Yerbury and Heidi Kiviharju.
audio file icon Get Fire (long short mix) (4:04 / 3.7MB)
Remix of part of my soundtrack produced for the te POOKa show "refractions", as performed at the Glastonbury and Brighton festivals in 2003. This is the shorter remix, as used during the encore. (Bowel-shattering sub-bass not present in MP3.) March 2003.
audio file icon hyperventilation (silly ska mix) (5:33 / 5MB)
Written for the now-defunct Hyperventilation club night in Edinburgh. March 2002.
Tunes Recorded as Garlic Dalek (1999-2002)
audio file icon Wellies (3:48 / 3.4MB)
Arabic-flavoured reggae/hip-hop mix-up with added squiddly synth bits.
audio file icon Spacemonks (5:24 / 4.9MB)
Slowish Fruity Loops workout featuring far too many silly noises.
audio file icon Aspirin (6:52 / 6.2MB)
Housey thing featuring one of my favourite stolen basslines. Gets 'deeper' later on.
audio file icon Une Nuit (4:56 / 4.5MB)
Ambient ditty inspired by deserted late-night streets of Paris. Used vocoded percussion before Röyksopp did. ;-)
audio file icon Pacific (6:23 / 5.8MB)
Inspired by (and sampling) log drums from the Cook Islands.
audio file icon Bhanskrit (4:52 / 4.4MB)
Featuring Weird Attractors
audio file icon Squeeky (3:22 / 3MB)
my first attempt at a drum and bass tune, from about 99?
audio file icon banco de gaia - heliopolis (mungbean dub mix) (5:35 / 5.1MB)
My take on an ambient/dub remix of the classic Banco de Gaia track. November 2002.
audio file icon Bloco Vomit - Have Love Will Travel (Mungbean Remix) (3:58 / 3.6MB)
Remix of the Richard Hell classic, as recorded by Edinburgh's cross-dressing samba punks Bloco Vomit. 2001.