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Last year Joe Knapp wrote a great bit of arduino code that can send RC5-compatible codes as used in Infra Red remote controls. Using a single IR LED you can control domestic devices like TV sets.

I’m not sure whether this code has a home now, but I know it was a real life-saver when a student of mine needed it for a project this time last year, so I’m putting a copy up for download here:

If you want to use this code with a Lilypad, or another Arduino that doesn’t use a 16MHz processor clock, then you need to change the setting in the irparams.h header file:

#define SYSCLOCK 16000000 // main system clock (Hz)

For example, for an 8MHz Lilypad…

#define SYSCLOCK 8000000 // main system clock (Hz)

You Beauty.

i thought this Zip file was lost. (the link is broke on the forum, so i googled)

Thanks alot. Great help.

Thanx for sharing the zip file.