New BDes(Hons) Interaction Design

Split again, and Maribor

Just over a year ago, Marc Owens and I were atelier leaders for a wonderful 6-day Interaction Design Workshop for Croatian students from the universities of Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb. It was a really intense but rewarding week, with a great bunch of people, and I still have very happy memories of the experience — not to mention looking forward to returning to Croatia’s beautiful Dalmation coast at some point.

I really can’t thank organiser Ivica Mitrović enough for his outstanding support during this event, including taking us out to dinner every night, and then out clubbing with the students most nights after that… Hvala lijepo, Ivica!

Anyway, in typical web tradition, the documentation for this workshop — the 4th in the series — is now online. Check it out.

Meanwhile, over in Maribor, Slovenia, there’s currently a call for participation out for their 2nd International Interaction Design workshop — deadline 15th April. This is also organised by Ivica, along with the equally wonderful and friendly Sara Božanić.

I would have loved to be involved with this, but unfortunately I’m going be very busy with Edinburgh Napier’s degree show at that time. I’m very pleased though that students will be in the hands of Jim “Halfman” Kosem (half 100% Slovenian, in fact) along with Dash MacDonald and Demitrios Kargotis, aka DASHNDEM. I’m sure you’ll all have a ball.

After this there’s also the Magdalena festival of Creative Communications, which takes place 13-15 May. If you’re a student under 30 and working in graphics, motion graphics, packaging or communication they also have a competition you might want to enter.

I would like to correct this. I’m in fact not half slovenian, I’m fully slovenian except not from Slovenia – if that makes any sense.

Makes perfect sense :)
Just one more correction.
If you are younger than 30 and working in graphics, motion graphics, packaging or communication you might want to enter the competition.