New BDes(Hons) Interaction Design

1000 days past, and 20 days hence

I’ve not written on this blog for several months. I’ve been wondering if it might be time to retire it.

Anyway, changes are afoot…

Exactly 1000 days ago (as it happens), I started a job teaching design at Edinburgh Napier University. I’ll be leaving Napier on 2nd December, and 20 days from now I’ll arrive in Bangalore, India, to start a new job teaching at a college there.

Needless to say, the prospect of moving 5000 miles away to live and work in a hugely different culture is both daunting and exhilarating. And given that it’s below zero in Edinburgh just now and we’ve just had an early snowfall, moving to the heat is going to be pretty weird.

But if anything is going to get me blogging again, it will probably be the experience of living and working in India. I’ve set up a new site for hosting a blog but it still needs a bit of work: I’ll also be reviving my flickr stream and posting photos on there.

Srishti per chance?

It’s not Srishti actually, but enough people have asked me that question that I’ll need to go along there and meet them!