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Re-knitting and Granufacture

Arduino Ethernet: DHCP, DNS and Bonjour

Dan Saffer – Designing Devices

  • "Designing Devices is a series of articles on how and why to create devices, written by me, Dan Saffer, principal designer at Kicker Studio. This is a place for essays that I hope to eventually collect into a book in 2011. Like drafts, the articles will be constantly evolving, hopefully with your feedback."


Fingers and Pies: BERG’s Mag+

This great concept video has been doing the rounds in the last couple of days, showing work by BERG London on an e-magazine prototype for Bonnier R&D. More on the BERG blog.

Featuring a very nicely implemented Pie Menu, and a “rubbing” gesture to “heat up” areas of interest in the e-magazine. Great work guys!

Sugru is like consumer-ready modeling clay for physical hacks’s Homesense

  • "The Homesense Project will bring methodologies developed in virtual environments (user-generated and remixed content, communities, data visualisations, etc.) to physical infrastructures. We believe that better scenarios will emerge if users are able to adapt easy to use and flexible tools to their specific needs, social contexts and lifestyles. Documenting these scenarios and learning from them will in turn drive better product development & innovation for relevant audiences of the Homesense Project."

Arduino Operating Systems and Co-Creation Landscapes

Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?


I recently joined a bunch of really interesting colleagues as a member of Council, a “thinktank for the Internet of Things”. Many thanks to founder Rob van Kranenburg for inviting me.

Council’s first event, organised in association with and LIFT@HOME, will be happening in Brussels on 4th December:

Are You Ready for the Internet of Things? (register via LIFT site)

4th December 2009, 0930-2200
IMAL, Brussels.

Should be a great day — I’m looking forward to it. Maybe see you there.

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